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Sample Story Freebie!

This short erotic story was one of my first requests. I figured I’d share it to give you guys a taste of my writing. Enjoy!

Meet Kaleb, a shy personal trainer trying to keep it professional, but when Jordan comes to his gym for solo sessions things get extra hot.

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Coming 2022 –

So excited to announce I’m finally publishing my masterpiece, JAJA: Jordan Amari’s Juicy Antics! You get to follow Jordan Amari through her juicy journey and fall in lust along the way. Visit my blog ‘The Adventures Of AJ’ for excerpts and reviews!

Short Story Series: Now Available!

Instead of ‘killing my darlings’ as us writers like to say, I’ve decided to turn the ‘cut chapters’ from JAJA into their own short stories 😍🔥 It’ll keep you entertained until I publish the novel and you’ll get a little taste of what to expect!

Join Jordan Amari in her juicy antics while she gives you a hint of romance and a handful of erotica. Her journey is a wild ride and so is she.

Meet Hudson, a sweet country boy with a wild side. Hudson and Jordan started as friends, but the spark they didn’t know was between them was ignited one night when they were left to their own devices. Follow them through their exploration of each other and some of the things they never admitted they wanted.

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Meet Jasper, a hardened thug with a soft side for pretty girls. Jasper and Jordan worked together, and she did her best to keep him at arm’s length. When he got fired though, they decided it was time to ease some of that sexual tension. Now their little game of cat and mouse is getting distracting.

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Meet Hunter, a first-class fuckboy. Hunter and Jordan went to high school together but had since lost touch. When he moved back to Florida, he got her best friend arrested. Now he’s trying to get Jordan in handcuffs too, just not with the same intentions.

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